Thursday, December 11, 2008

Minor Setback

Yes, it's only the first week of training and I've already had a setback. Luckily, it was a very very minor setback! After the first swim training on Tuesday I had a ton of water in my left ear. As some of you know, when I swam in high school and college I would get swimmer's ear all the time so I would put drops in my ears after every swim. So of course, after my first practice, the next morning (yesterday) I woke up with swimmer's ear! But I went to the doctor and got the magic ear drops so now all is well and I will be back in the pool Tuesday. I'll let you know how the run on Saturday goes too!

As a side note, I mentioned that a little boy in the area has relapsed with histiocytosis. Today, we found out that another one, our 3-year-old friend Brian, did too. He has 10 new tumors and is facing another round of much stronger chemo to make these tumors go away. I don't understand why such young and innocent kids have to face these ordeals and fight for their lives. It just doesn't seem fair. Brian has been battling since he was a year old--he doesn't remember what it's like not to be sick. So again, I am hoping that the research that the Society funds can not only cure blood cancers but can also help find a cure for other rare diseases like histiocytosis. Please keep Brian and his family in your thoughts and prayers--I know he will be in mine while I'm training and racing.

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  1. Hi Lisa:

    What a great thing you are doing. In these uncertain economic times we all need to ensure that important research continues.

    For those of you who want to learn more about histiocytosis and how it impacts children go to

    Jeff Toughill
    Histiocytosis Association of America