Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year, More Training!

Happy 2009! We started training in December, but I will admit, I slacked a little over the holidays :-( So I'm considering this week to be my first week of REAL training. So far, so good! I'll do my weekly total of training time at the end of the week (for any of you that are interested in seeing exactly how much time I am spending doing this...or it might just be me that's interested....)

Today I picked up my bike from being tuned-up and it's looking great! I can't wait to get out there on the first ride on Saturday morning and see how it feels. I've never ridden a road bike before, so it will be a whole new experience. And, everyone says that I'll fall at least twice, so I'm trying to prepare myself for that--I hope it's not too painful--I'm going to wear some extra padding :-)

I also just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone that has donated so far, especially those of you who have donated anonymously, because I have no way to properly thank you. I can't tell you all how much your generosity and support means to me and to the mission. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Stay tuned...I'll post after the ride and tell you how many times I fell!

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