Thursday, December 11, 2008

Minor Setback

Yes, it's only the first week of training and I've already had a setback. Luckily, it was a very very minor setback! After the first swim training on Tuesday I had a ton of water in my left ear. As some of you know, when I swam in high school and college I would get swimmer's ear all the time so I would put drops in my ears after every swim. So of course, after my first practice, the next morning (yesterday) I woke up with swimmer's ear! But I went to the doctor and got the magic ear drops so now all is well and I will be back in the pool Tuesday. I'll let you know how the run on Saturday goes too!

As a side note, I mentioned that a little boy in the area has relapsed with histiocytosis. Today, we found out that another one, our 3-year-old friend Brian, did too. He has 10 new tumors and is facing another round of much stronger chemo to make these tumors go away. I don't understand why such young and innocent kids have to face these ordeals and fight for their lives. It just doesn't seem fair. Brian has been battling since he was a year old--he doesn't remember what it's like not to be sick. So again, I am hoping that the research that the Society funds can not only cure blood cancers but can also help find a cure for other rare diseases like histiocytosis. Please keep Brian and his family in your thoughts and prayers--I know he will be in mine while I'm training and racing.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First Swim Training--Done!

Tonight was the first swim training and it was great! I met several of my teammates and I think it is going to be a really fun season. And, lap swimming is apparently just like riding a bike and I was leading my lane after a few minutes. So there will be a coach-led swim training every Tuesday night and then I will need to swim on my own on Thursdays and Sundays. This is going to cut in to my after work drinks, but it is definitely worth it! One of the team captains took pictures tonight so I will post them if I can.

On another note, some of you know that earlier this year I worked on a fundraiser for the Histiocytosis Association, an organization dedicated to eradicating Histiocytosis--an incredibly rare disease that affects 1 in 200,000 children in the United States. Today we found out that one of the little boys that has this disease in the area has relapsed and will need to begin chemotherapy again. While histio is not a cancer, it is treated as a cancer with chemotherapy. I hope that the research that is being funded by the Society will not only help patients battling blood cancers but will also lead to a cure for histio and other rare diseases. Please keep this little boy in your thoughts and prayers as he enters his third round of battle with histio--he is only 3 years old.

This Saturday I am heading to Suburban Hospital in Bethesda for a triathlon 101 clinic and a 30-40 minute group run followed by coffee at Starbucks with the Team. Stay tuned for more updates....thank you for checking on my progress!!

Pictures from Kickoff

The team captains did a great job decorating the tables!

My Team for the Capital of Texas Triathlon...we will all know each other very well by the time we're done! (That's me in the back row, 4 in from the left.)
Peggy Goode, announcing the news that she is cancer-free! Congratulations, Peggy! You make getting out of bed at 5:30 am to train worth it :-)

The room was packed with people, it's so wonderful to be a part of this!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Let the Season Begin!

This morning I went to the official Kickoff of the Team In Training spring season! It was great to see old friends from past TNT events and meet new members that are joining us for this season. The highlight of the day was when one of the Honored Teammates, Peggy Goode, gave her speech. We found out that after battling leukemia for several years, Peggy is now in remission--this is amazing and absolutely thrilling news!! It reminds me of why I am going to be getting up at 5:30 am on Saturday mornings to train for a triathlon.

Which brings me to the is there a lot of it! While my parents were in town for Thanksgiving they gave me an early Christmas present--a bike rack for my car! So now I have a bike and a bike rack.... I just need to get the bike tuned up and get new biking shoes and I'll be all set :-) Good thing the biking doesn't start right away, I'm a little nervous about this new style of riding--it's going to take me awhile to get used to it.

Thanks so much to everyone who has donated so far! To date I have raised $910!!! Only $4,190 to go! During this holiday season, please consider a donation to the Team In Training program:

My first swim training is on Tuesday night--wish me luck! It's been awhile since I've done laps, but I'm really excited to get back in the water!

I hope you're all enjoying the holiday season--thanks for checking on my progress!! Stay tuned....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You probably think I'm crazy...

I've decided to participate in my third Team In Training event and continue to raise much-needed funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! But this time, I'm training to complete an Olympic distance triathlon--the Capital of Texas Triathlon! That's right...1500 meter swim, 24.5 mile bike and a 3.1 mile run. I'm really excited and anxious to start training, but there is an even more important aspect to this race--the money I will raise to help fight blood cancers.

I would like to share with you why Team In Training is so important to me.

In October of 2005, my Uncle John was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia, or CML. Today, there is no cure for CML, but thanks to the money raised by Team In Training, a drug was developed to treat CML. My uncle takes Gleevec every day and it keeps him alive. You’re probably thinking, if Gleevec works, why do you need to keep raising money? Because Gleevec is not a cure, it is a treatment. And eventually, patients develop a resistance to treatment, so we need to keep raising money to find the next drug after Gleevec and more importantly, a cure.

I wish I could say that my uncle is my only reason to race, but unfortunately, he is not. Throughout the time I have been involved with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society I have met so many people who have battled or are currently battling a blood cancer and I am constantly amazed by their courage and fortitude.

I will be racing the triathlon in Austin, TX in honor of my Uncle John and because I know that as hard as it is to train for a triathlon, it will be nothing compared to what my Uncle John and others battling cancer experiene every day. I am racing because I believe that a cure for cancer will be found within my lifetime. I am racing so that some day, parents will no longer have to watch their children undergo treatment for cancer. I am racing so that one day the Society will cross it's ultimate finish line--a cure!

How can you help? Please make a tax deductible donation to my fundraising effort. You can do it online by visiting:

Remember, no donation is too small!

I hope you will check my site often to see my progress! I will also post fundraising events here. Thank you!

Lisa :-)