Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bike-2, Lisa-1

This morning was the first group bike ride. The weather forecast was for sleet, snow and rain and I can't tell you how much I was hoping for that weather so that I could avoid getting on the bike! I was really excited about my new bike but also apprehensive because I knew the risk of falling was very real. The coaches started off the training by working with people that have never clipped their shoes in to the pedals (me). Basically, with this type of bike and pedals, my feet are attached to the bike. So if the bike goes over, I go over with it and can't put my foot out to stop it. So I gave it a try in the parking lot and seemed to be fine, but as soon as we started for the street, I accidentally got stuck in my clip and fell right over to my right side in to the middle of the street--I wasn't even moving when I fell! It was really funny and only slightly painful. Luckily it was so cold that I really didn't feel the impact.

Bike-1, Lisa-0.

I got myself back up and got back on the bike and was able to do the ride without any other incidences. But I was really cautious about clipping in to my pedals and only had one foot clipped the whole time so that in case I started to fall when I stopped, I would have one foot free.

After training we had the Honored Teammate picnic, when our season's honored teammates get to tell us their stories and really give us a reason to get up so early, get in the pool, go for a run or get on the bike. As always, some of the stories made me cry because they were so touching. But the best part is that the three Honored Teammates that were there are SURVIVORS. They've battled cancer and come out on top and if they can do that, I can certainly stay upright on my bike.

When I got home I took my bike out for another ride just to see if I could stop without falling and have both feel clipped in. First try, no, I fell over on to the other side.

Bike-2, Lisa-0.

The second fall helped me figure out what I was doing wrong though, so I headed back home. Sure enough, when I pulled in to the parking lot and started to slow down, I did it the right way and didn't fall! Success!!

Bike-2, Lisa-1.

Thanks for checking in on my progress! To date my training log:

Running: 45 mins.
Biking: 30 mins.
Falls off of bike: 2
Swimming: 0 minutes (I slacked on this part this week--I wasn't feeling well).

You'll see these numbers climb this week as I start to settle in to the training routine. Stay tuned...

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