Monday, April 5, 2010

Jeromy's Feast

Jeromy went all out about a month ago for a dinner for four. It turned into a dinner for 5 and we STILL had way, way too much food. And lots of leftovers. I didn't get pictures of every course, and the pictures I did take did not come out so well, but you'll get the idea....

We started the evening with deviled eggs--both chicken and duck. Both were delicious! I couldn't really tell a flavor difference between the two but the duck egg was definitely meatier. Very good. Along with the deviled eggs, Jeromy prepared ceviche with tilapia, red onions, lime and cilantro. We've always been big fans of ceviche and this recipe was fantastic.

Spicy sweet potato peanut soup was our first course (pictured below) followed by homemade goat cheese raviolis in a creamy mushroom and sundried tomato sauce. I was so busy scarfing them down that I did not take a picture!

The main course was pan-seared grass-fed ribeye steak. Neither of us have ever had grass-fed beef, but we've been dying to try it. Especially after watching Food Inc. and reading Omnivore's Dilemma. And truthfully, it was fantastic--I don't think I'll ever eat non grass-fed beef again, it was that delicious. Jeromy cooks an amazing steak and this one was no exception. It was served alongside my contribution to the meal, wild mushroom risotto. Again, I was too busy eating to take pictures of this course :-)
We ended the night on a sweet note, of course, with our favorite dessert--tarte au citron. I've only made this dessert twice once was a smashing success and the other time was a massive fail. Jeromy, however, has never failed at this recipe, and the leftovers do not survive long in this house :-)

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